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but, .....I repeat myself.
Suppose you were a heartless bastard, and suppose you were a Republican, but, .....I repeat myself. Mark Twain
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
The morons at the RIIA are at it again
SF Gate - Music industry launches 2nd round of lawsuits Song file-sharing crackdown hits 532
Washington -- The music industry retooled, reloaded and fired another legal round at alleged Internet music pirates Wednesday, suing 532 computer users for downloading and sharing copyrighted songs for free.

I am not quite sure how they think they can prevent people from shaing music, I can go on any news group any day of the week and find a good dozen complete albuns to download. If they could kill P2P and News Groups, people could still share music for minimal cost, a standard data CD holds over 700mb, the equivalent of ten music CDs, it should not be that hard to create informal sharing groups that swap Data CDs full of music in person or by mail.

The music industry has lost 30 percent in sales over the past three years -- as much as $5 billion worldwide -- and blames Internet piracy for much of it. As of late last year, the RIAA said it had sued 382 people, warned 398 others and settled with 220 for payments typically in the range of $2,000 to $4,000 each.

If they stopped producing and marketting such third rate crap maybe they would not be losing so much business and just as importantly if the commercial radio stations started playing something beyond top fourties and classic rock, they might have something to sell.

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