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but, .....I repeat myself.
Suppose you were a heartless bastard, and suppose you were a Republican, but, .....I repeat myself. Mark Twain
Sunday, May 14, 2006
GM to Eliminate Biggest Hummer Because of Low Sales
Bloomberg.com: U.S.

Good riddance. Now if we could get riid of the Hummer H2, H3, the Chevrolet Escalade, and all of the other luxury SUV that serve no other purpose than compensating the driver's tiny penis.

End of the road for the hulking Hummer H1

Still, the entire Hummer group has been outsold this year by the Toyota Prius, a gas-electric hybrid.


Yeah, I know they are not in the same category.

French unveil hybrid cars
The Peugeot and Citroen hybrid diesels use the 1.6-litre HDi 110 diesel engine from the 307 HDi hatchback unveiled by PSA Peugeot Citroen in January.

The diesel engine uses a diesel particulate filter system to cut down emissions and is coupled with a 23kW electric motor.

They claim average diesel consumption for the Hybride as 3.4 litres per 100km, with 90g of CO2 emitted per kilometre.

Even more efficient than a Prius...
Can't wait to see them on the road.

Saturday, February 11, 2006
Open Source Software
Just got my hands on a new laptop HP L2000, here is a list of the software that I have installed, most of which is open source.

Links to more windows open source software.

General Use Software (Browser, E-mail, Office)



Open Office

Downloading Software (Gnutella, BitTorrent, UseNet)



HTML Editors, a nice CSS editor would be nice.


Notepad ++

Media related software



MP3 Tag Tools


Development Software (Java & DB)





Not open source but free and useful.


Real Player

Thursday, January 05, 2006
Only 1 of the 58 air missions the U.S. military carried out Monday over Iraq
CNN.com - U.S. says bomb hit wrong house in Iraq - Jan 5, 2006
The strike flattened a family's home, killing six of the family members and wounding three others, said a spokesman for the Salaheddin provincial governor's office. A father and daughter survived with only minor injuries, he said.

The Baiji strike was one of 58 air missions the U.S. military carried out Monday over Iraq.

U.S. military officials said they are investigating why the wrong building was hit.

In a news conference Tuesday, White House spokesman Scott McClellan emphasized the U.S. position that its military "goes out of the way to avoid civilian casualties."

Gee, I wonder how many other such incidents did not get reported.

Thursday, November 03, 2005
Growth of the National Debt
Growth of the National Debt

Amazing how the Debt barely grows from 1960 to 1980 and the explodes, only to go down slightly in the mid to late 90's prior to exploding again!

Thursday, October 13, 2005
An Answer For the War Supporters
The Recovering Democrat - A Question For the Anti-War Protesters

Banning Ip addresses may permit to ask nice rethorical questions, but since you ask them, you should at least permit the opposition to answer...

If you advocate withdrawal, you must answer the question: “what will happen to the Iraqis?” Will withdrawal from Iraq result in a catastrophe similar to Vietnam and Cambodia after 1974? If so, aren’t we justified in staying to at least finish the job? If we leave now, what will happen to the Iraqi people?

Simple, they will die, die by the truck load, tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands are going to die, and that's if we are lucky, if we aren't Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan and SA could be sucked into a regional war that will kill even more people. The only thing we are doing by staying there is postponing the inevitable. We have had to blowup bridges to prevent the insurgents from using them in the last couple of weeks.

Is it a moral choice to leave the Iraq to be taken over by terrorist murderers and leftover elements from one of the most brutal dictatorships this world has ever seen?

Saddam was far from being the most brutal dictator of the last fifty years, as far as the terrorist(the Arab equivalent of the Lincoln brigades) are concerned you should have thought of that before invading iraq.

If you believe in the advancement of human rights, then why are you not applauding the Administration’s efforts in Iraq?

it's a lot like supporting F*cking for chastity.

Saddam Hussein was responsible for the sadistic torture and deaths of millions of people.

Yeah, and so are we. We as a Nation have probably killed more people (3 million in Nam) or caused the death of more people (Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Chile, etc...) than Saddam ever did in the time he was in power.

We don't have 7 Billion to piss down a hole every month for the next ten years, we don't have a large enough Army to maintain the peace in Iraq even if we wanted to.

When are conservatives in favor of the war going to enlist?

When are conservatives in favor of the war ask for tax increases to pay for their little adventure in Iraq?

When are conservatives in favor of the war ask for the reestablishment of the draft?

It's your pResident, your senate, your house and your war. You should take responsibility for it!

Thursday, September 29, 2005
Income Down From 1999, Tax Data Show - New York Times
The total income of Americans in 2003, adjusted for inflation, was 4 percent smaller than in 1999, new tax return data showed yesterday.

While the number of taxpayers grew by 5.6 million individuals and couples, average income fell even more - by 6.5 percent - while the average wage slipped slightly, with the average job paying $5 a week less.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Income Stagnated and Poverty Rose in 2004, Census Figures Show - New York Times
WASHINGTON, Aug. 30 - Even as the economy was growing, income stagnated last year and the poverty rate rose, the Census Bureau reported today. This is the first time on record that household income has failed to increase for five straight years.

What can I say, Republican policies at work...

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